The recent upsurge in new wind, solar and hydro energy capacity has seen renewable become a central part of most nation’s long term energy strategy.

Delta Energy Services have worked with a number of leading renewable energy companies, delivering a range of services designed to improve the way they work. These key services include:

  • Quality Surveillance Inspection Services of Renewable equipment
  • Fabrication surveillance for large scale fabrication
  • Recruitment and Technical Manpower Services across multiple disciplines
  • Retained search and selection for senior level Renewable appointments
  • Auditing of key suppliers
  • Offshore support

Cost effective and efficient wind energy is vital in securing a renewable future. At Delta Energy Services we are market leaders in the supply of full scope recruitment and technical manpower services to the offshore and onshore wind sector. We’re involved at every stage of the wind power supply chain, including construction, turbine supply, operation and consultancy services.

Hydro, Wave and Tidal
Investing in hydro, wave and tidal power is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy, producing lower greenhouse gas emissions than most other forms of power generation, and as such it continues to be an excellent investment. We work closely with both operators and contractors, supplying technical manpower and inspection services throughout the project lifecycle.

Our many years of experience within the renewable energy sector has allowed us to develop relationships with a number of stakeholders in the biomass and biogas sectors, from developers to operators and capital goods suppliers. We have supplied personnel to inspect the fabrication of project equipment, as well as technical engineering staff for the design and build stages of a project, to some of the world’s leading companies in the biomass and biogas sector. To find out more about the work we do with renewable energy companies call or email one of our global network of offices.

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