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Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2

Delta Energy Services provide Inspection and Expediting services to the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project. The project involves the construction of a 1200km 48″ pipeline, to transport natural gas to Europe.

Delta Energy Services have provided a wide range of inspection personnel across all areas of the project since 2016. We have provided inspection coverage across the following areas:

  • Plate & Pipe Mill – full time inspection coverage of plate mills in Germany and Austria. Provision of a multi discipline inspection team overseeing, welding, NDT and mechanical testing at pipe mills during the production of 48” pipe.
  • External/Internal Coating – Coating Inspection team overseeing the application of 3LPE and internal flow coatings at Pipe Coatings facility, Germany.
  • Concrete Weight Coating – Overseeing Wasco’s concrete weight coating activities in Mukran (Germany) and Kotka (Finland). In addition to the load in and storage of pipes, further inspection services provided to oversee the application of concrete weight coating and final inspection prior to load out.
  • Valves – Providing a large inspection team to cover the valve order placed with Italian Valve supplier for 16”, 28”, 38” and 48” valves. This involved inspection of forgings and castings, through to final assembly at the supplier’s facilities.
  • Landfall Germany – Provided Senior German inspection candidates to oversee all aspects of the landfall and onshore facility construction, from groundworks to piping.

DES’s assigned a dedicated project management team to oversee all aspects of the project and associated administration.

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